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Databases Gone!?

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Just 5-10 minutes ago I was rbowsign my forum, then I got a 'Could not connect to Database Error'. I logged onto the cPanel to check and all my databases were gone! Feeling quite paranoid :) I changed my password and checked my FTP. Nothing appears to have been deleted. phpMyAdmin won't let me log in anymore. Did someone figure out my 13 character unique password? Yuck!


Server20 btw


EDIT: Back up now! Did MySQL need a restart or something? Or maybe I missed downtime note. ;)


EDIT2: Down again!? :)

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Hey Folks,


We are dealing with a major email issue on 20. The persons account has been suspended but the email bomb is still taking place.


I have just removed the DNS for this domain, so give it some time and things will be back to normal.

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