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I hope I can explain this problem correctly, so here it goes. I've coded my pages by hand using standard HTML, not having used a web page creation package yet.

When you shrink the window on my web page, all the gifs and tables get pushed to one side and start writing over each other, where as other web pages only go so far, then you just can't see the rest.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this, or what I need to do differently to get rid of this unsightly annoyance. Thanks for any help.


Moving to HTML Forum for better exposure. TCH-Rob

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The address is NOT ALLOWED IN THE FORUMS <-- edit TCH-Bruce


Warning, this site contains adult content.


Anyway, if you shrink your browser window, you'll see the table on the left and the gif image and the verbage start to crowd over each other. I don't know if a style sheet will fix this.


Added by TCH-Bruce: PM the link to him, thank you.

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