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Reserved Subdomains?


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When I go to mail.**** or webmail.****, I get the "There is no website configured at this address" screen (like when you go to server##.totalchoicehoisting.com). I need to login to access these two addresses, but they still looks the same. So I'm guessing these subdomains are reserved (?).


However, when I go to webmail.myotherdomain.com, I cannot connect, which I expected to be the case (mail.myotherdomain.com shows the "There is no website configured at this address" screen). So from that other domain, I could create a functional webmail subdomain.


So my questions are:


1) Which subdomains are reserved? (mail, ftp, etc.)

2) Why does webmail seem to be reserved at one domain?

3) I also know some directories are reserved (cpanel, mailman, etc.). Can I have a list of these?



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I have used webmail as a subdomain on an account.


I haven't seen it lately but at one time the oddest problem with a reserved directory was using icon as a subdirectory. You also will run into problems if you try to use cpanel as a directory, or mailman, webmail, or sqmail as all of those are aliases we use for shared apps.

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