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Modem Problems


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Well, I'm on vacation for the weekend and that means, yes, dialup. Oh, the horrors. So I got a local provider's dialup, which uses the built-in telephone connections and dialup (took me a while to figure that out though). It connects just fine, steady at 28.8k, (not 56k, which is odd to me).


But the problem, however, is that after a few minutes - could be as low as one or two minutes, could be as much as 15 or 20, something stops working. not the connection - the connection stays fine, but the computer half-freezes. Copy/paste stops working, I can't move icons, I can't start some programs, my email program opens but won't display the inbox. It's fine once I reboot, but then it happens ten minutes later again.


I just freshly installed Windows 2000 on this computer a few weeks ago. It's an old computer - a 266 with 128 megs of ram - and it's a bit slow, but it works just FINE at home, with cable internet. Never had a problem. This only occurred when I got online with the dialup connection.


I though the only thing that I could think of was the modem itself, so I went to download a new driver for it.... but you can only get windows 95/98 drivers for it, the offical psion website says it doesn't need drivers for win2000, they're already built in. This is a Psion Gold Card Global 56k + fax, it came with the laptop when I bought it used from Dell. I used it last year, with AOL on Win 98 and it worked fine, after I downloaded the drivers for win 98.


So I'm at a total loss here. I don't know if anyone here can help me, but any help is appreciated, this is driving me NUTS. Luckily it's only for a few more days, but I hate having unresolved issues on my computers. -.-

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I don't know if this may help but have you set your internet connection to default to using dial-up instead of a LAN connection?


Also you may want to temporarily disable your ethernet connection to see if that may help.


I am moving the thread to Hardware for better exposure.

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Thanks for moving it, I didn't see this forum. -.-


I don't even see my ethernet connection anywhere on here... I took out the network card, and I think that connection disappears entirely when it's not hooked up. If not, I can't find it. =/

It should be under control panel/network connections. I use XP not 2000 but it should be in the same place.

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