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Not Sure If Im Registered Or Not


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I signed up yesterday with you and i received a invoice i replied back askin if u could accept my payment from my checking account and no reply. Did u receive my info? Do u need anything else from me? It was nuenrdesinez.com although I just received a letter from u on the domain name saying it was taken so i picked nuenrdesinez.net and u said it was on hold. Did u take that out of my checkin?

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Hi nuenrdesinez,


I'm new here but I've read that they don't do debit cards or checking account withdrawls. Just credit card and MC&Visa & Paypal.


I'm sure a Tech will see this.


It's possible that they reserved your domain name for you so you wouldn't loose it.


Just hang on here ... someone will respond soon.

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Your best bet at this point would be to open a support ticket or, if you use AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo!, send a message to TCHGuruBill or TCHGuruMike and they will be happy to help you get this straightened out. Typically, it only takes a couple of hours for your account to complete the setup. But it does seem that you are having a billing question that needs the help of someone with more power than what the forum moderators (the boys in blue) have access to. Track down a username in Red and have them get you in touch with the absolutely correct person.


Hope this helps!


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