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Presales Q's About Server Logs Etc


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Hi there

I guess you know the story - needing a few questions answered to help me consider TC as a host.

I have windows hosting with Gearhost, but they don't do 'nix, so wanting somewhere I can put some of my client sites when I'm in 'nix mode.


One annoying thing about Gearhost is that they dump the server logs every month with no way to back up other than individual file ftp.

So I'm wondering what the situation with TC's server logs is - esp on unlimited plans, are the logs separate, and held long term, or what.


2nd question. Is there any advantage in paying for longer periods than 1 month - *after* sign up? I'm aware of the 'sign up for a year and get a free month' offer, but I don't think it's realistic to want people who are starting off (even with all the positive comment that is obvious on these forums) without trialling a new host first.


More questions might follow - I forgot them because the forum took ages to send a confirmation for some reason.


TIA for all the helpful replies I'm sure will come.


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Well, to be honest I never looked at my logs. There is an option to back them up in cPanel to Archive Logs in your home directory at the end of each month.


That way you have control over them. As for why pay a year up front? I think it is realistic, take advantage of the discount, if you like it you saved money. If you don't you get a refund in the first 30 days, after that I think you get a refund for your unused months.


You lose nothing but a great host. :)

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By default the logs are deleted, but as Rob mentioned there is an "archive option" in cpanel.

Ah - better than Gearhost, then.

I guess you can set up a cron job to auto-archive, so the disk space doesn't blow out too quickly? I've no experience with cron-jobs since I haven't had access to them before.


Also, in reply to Rob - good point about the refund,; I had overlooked that.



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Hi Stu, welcome to the forum.


I just looked at cpanels option to archive the raw logs


Raw Log Manager


[x] Archive Logs in your home directory at the end of each month

[ ] Remove the previous month's archived logs from your home directory at the end of each month


just a mouse click.


if you have any other questions, please ask,

and someone in our family will try to answer.

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Potential customer here - sorry to resurrect an old thread (well 30 days old, anyway)........


The ability to use archived logs is EXTREMELY important to me, as I use a 3rd party log analysis software to study my logs.


So, just to clarify, if I use this C-Panel function, the archived logs will simply stack up in my home directory until I delete them, right?


Many thanks for your help!





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