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I use it on my photography site. Haven't had any problems since the beginning when there was some sort of glitch. Help desk solved it right away!


The only disadvantage...let's say you WANT to link to an image from a site, you wouldn't be able to do it without allowing the entire site access. For example, if I want to use the little img button available here in the forums to link to an image on my site, I would have to go in to Cpanel/Hotlink Protection and allow access to www.totalchoicehosting.com. Not that I consider it a problem to do that on THIS forum...but there have been other times/places where I wished I could link to the image without allowing the entire site access.


Some people like Hotlinking protection for their images...some people don't. I haven't had any problems using it on my photography site. I will probably be implementing it on another site today!!

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You do have a couple of options here, which I am sure you realize, but do bear pointing out:

1. If you have the room on your site, create a folder that is separate from your normal images, but at or above the images level (directly off the root for example) and place a duplicate of the images you would consider hotlinking to in there. Make sure to allow hotlinking, though.


2. Create another folder same as above, but... instead of placing duplicates, place the only copy of those images you would consider hotlinking in this accessible folder. you still have full access to the images from your pages so it is not a big deal. The hard part is remembering which folder has which when building pages.


As for Pros/Cons:

Pro: you can link to anywhere you want and your pics and such will not appear with someone else's graphic watermarked on them, or just not at all.

Con: So can anyone else.

Con: every time someone opens the page that has the linkind file, or refreshes the page, that file is downloaded again and this, my friend, will cost you in bandwidth.

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