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Eudora mail wont work?


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I normally use outlook as my email client but I want to start using Eudora.


In the options,


incoming server - I type mail.****


login name - I type my login name (without the @myserver.com)


outgoing server - I type mail.****


I keep gettin' different error messages when I attemt to check or receive mail.


I tried to import from outlook but that didnt do anything (nothing imported)


If someone has seen this problem and may be able to shed some light, I would appreciate it.



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I believe your login name to check your mail is supposed to be username@****** and it will not work if you don't use that "@******" in there.

I tried that too..


If i enter "@****" with the user name, when I check for new messages, it says something like:


Ckecking for new messages for



I think I will just send that program to the recycle bin.


I will try again and post the error messages...


Thanks again.

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To use Eudora ---


Under Generic Properties:

Real name: John Doe

Return address: jdoe@mysite.com

Login name: jdoe@mysite.com

SMTP server: mail.mysite.com

Authentication allowed: enabled

Default domain: leave blank


Under Incoming mail:

Server: mysite.com

Configuration: POP enabled



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you might be having the problem I recently had. On your main account you do not need the "@******" but that is not a real email address. It is the "anything@******" so if your username to login to cpanel is joeblow and you want an email address that has joeblow@****** you still need to create that email address in mail settings. Then you would login using "joeblow@******" and the default anywhere account would be just "joeblow".

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sometimes sending mail can be difficult if you are using 'mail.******'. if this is a problem try changing the send mail server to your ISP's mail server. that seemed to help me as well.


i also had a lot of trouble with eudora which seemed to stem from trying to use authenication. so i just turned it off and now it works.

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Glad you appreciate the support here!


There is a Eudora user's group that iused to be fairly knowledgable and responsive. The problem was, of course, they have no control of the software, and it was anybody's guess when they might release a fix or a new version.


I was quite surprise when I discovered they had recently release version 5.2. I used Eudora exclusively for years, first because one of my customers used it, and then because it wasn't apt to get hit by all the Outlook & Outlook Express type of viruses.



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