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Acceptable Use Policy


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Hey, had a question or two about your acceptable use policy. Hope this is the right place for these questions.


Right here....


'Transmitting obscene materials or child pornography...'


What is considered obscene materials? I know I saw a post somewhere that said you allow adult web sites, so I couldn't understand what obscene was.


Also, here...


Denial of Services, DDoS, Smurf and other service attacks started against your web site will effect the entire population of the Totalchoice Network, therefore your site will be subject to immediate termination of your account.


I think this paragraph is written twice in the policy, once under security and once under networking. Anyway, am I understanding this right, if my web site gets DDoS'd, my account is terminated? :)



Thanks for any help.

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We do allow the hosting of adult content as long as it is LEGAL content per US laws. what is and isnt obscene can be looked at many ways, but common sense goes a long way in helping determine what might or might not be considered obscene material for your website.


In the case of a DoS attack, yes your account "could" be terminated without warning, but I cant think of one site that has been terminated due to a DoS attack. What happens is, if a site is being DoS'd we suspend the site until the inbound traffic stops, then we bring it back up.

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