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Note To Aol Users

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Since I handle most of the abuse reports, whether it be SPAM, ToS/AUP violations etc. I see a LOT of complaints from AOL reporting TCH customers as spammers. 99.9% of these complaints are due to forwards and AOL's automated spam filters.


So in an effort to figure out how to fix this for TCH family members I did something I swore I would never do, I installed AOL on my computer :)


After doing a bit of reading AOL's spam filter isn't to blame, but AOL users that don't set up their filters correctly are. You can teach the AOL filters what is and isn't spam, but NOT by leaving the default settings for the filters. All that is required is changing one setting, and then checking the spam folder and "un blocking" anything that gets reported as spam that shouldn't be.


To change the settings open AOL then click on Mail on the top tool bar, go down to block unwanted e-mail and click on it, that will open up the filter settings, the only setting you need to change is the setting that says delete spam e-mail automatically, you need to change this to send it to the spam folder. By default it is deleted.


Save the settings and you are done with that portion, now you need to make it a habit of checking the spam folder on a regular basis and UN BLOCK anything that isn't spam. This will teach the filter what is and isn't spam, and after a while you will start getting fewer and fewer false positives in your spam folder.


With the e-mails set to auto delete, that is telling AOL that anything their filter thinks is spam, is in fact spam...even if it isn't.


Now regarding forwards, if you are going to forward e-mail from your TCH account to an AOL account, you MUST add your e-mail address of your TCH account to you AOL mail filters, you can do this by click on mail, go to block unwanted mail and placing a check next to: Allow mail from people I know, then click on the link for instructions on adding ppl.


You CAN NOT report spam e-mail that is forwarded to your AOL account from your TCH account as spam, because as far as AOL is concerned that e-mail came from your TCH account and reporting it as spam would be reporting your own site as a spam source.

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Mike -


You're the greatest! I really appreciate your extra effort on this one - several of our group members are AOSmell Yuck! users and need to have this information. Now if I can just get them to implement it so I can stop getting all the e-mails that should be going directly to them! :)


Beth :blink:



Rock Sign

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Thanks so much for looking into this. I also do not have (or ever want) AOL, but some of my clients do and two have forwards to their AOL account as they can't POP their email.


Best regards,


- Bradley

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Make sure you encode your e-mail address on your website so you won't get as much spam (nothing is foolproof, some spammers seems to collect addresses by HAND or forwards!).


Formmail type scripts with the address encoded inside the script is one way. Another is something like this:




If that one isn't enough, please advise!

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To TCH-Mike


I was unsure about the second piece of advice.


The "Mail And Spam Controls" window in AOL allows you to click on the button, Allow mail only from the people I know.


If I do this, then I must not only add my email ID from Total Choice, but I would have to add the names of legitimate people who might send me an email as well. Not sure how to do this when you are making nw business contacts.


So for now I am afraid to click this button.


Any thoughts on this aspect?



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