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Google 'forgets' about me


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Not sure if anyone can help on this, but I have set up my site and registered with google (and others)


site www.mycoted.com


keywords: creativity innovation science technology


I was really pleased when, after a couple of weeks - I appeared on Google as number 1 - boy was I pleased :D


Then a couple of days, and I didn't appear at all :(


a day later 0 back at number 1 :D


Saturday - gone again :(


Sunday - Number 2 - still pretty happy :)


Today - nowhere to be seen :D


Any ideas as to why it keeps appearing and then going again?





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Google does two types of crawls, a main crawl and a fresh crawl. The main crawl is done once a month and the fresh crawl is pretty much done all the time. The fresh crawl does pick up new pages along the way and will include them into search results right away. This is observed when new pages are 'quickly indexed'. In reality they are not indexed (it is in the 'fresh' index, not the main), as is the case of your site.


Google is continually updating the 'fresh' rankings (remember they are crawling all the time), thus fresh rankings are very volatile (in rank and existence; here today, gone tomorrow). This volatility occurs until the page is included in the main index.


The good news is that your page (site) is now 'known' and will be included in the next main crawl and thus added to the main index. It is believed that you must actually go through two main crawls before you truly get page ranked within the main index.


That is the third part of the story, page rank …. what is refereed to as 'the dance'. This also occurs once a month and is quite an elaborate analysis of each page within the main index. Accuracy (if there is such a thing) is accomplished by multiple reiterations of the algorithm on the entire main index. As you can imagine this takes quite a bit of computing time (multiple days). It is during this time that indexed pages will 'dance' within the rankings. Different then the fluctuations you see with the fresh indexing. Here you actually dance within a somewhat limited range and pages do not disappear (well unless the page is penalized for spamming techniques). Each iteration fine-tunes the rankings, this is revealed by pages actually moving up or down in rank ... 'dancing'.

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We're working hard at it. The Head Guru understands that our customers are everything. Those of use who provide the support (a) love to help, (:) love to help our customers, © love to find answers to questions, and (d) love to get others involved.


Bottom line? It's understanding that each of us can make a difference in the world we live in -- whether it's how we answer a question regarding web sites, or taking time out for friends or family. Glad you appreciate the effort!


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