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Possible Virus Problem Or Just Spam?


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My inbox has been flooded for the past week of "undeliverable"s and "returned" messages. I figured at first it was just spam/virus spamming, but today in looking at each one I see that everyone is returned to a different address: jack@lunardreams.net, stan@lunardreams.net, etc etc etc. Is this a possible virus infection somehow on my computer, or did some site just grab my domain name off the internet and then start sending out all this stuff itself? IE, is this a problem I need to concern myself with, or should I just block it and forget about it?




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It's from the viruses. You can ignore it (you aren't the one sending them).


You can setup your mail to delete mail that doesn't go to an account you have created if you want by setting your default mail to forward to :blackhole: in your cpanel settings. Just make sure you have all the valid mail accounts created before you do.

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