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Multiple File Deletions


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Hi folks. Hope i'm close to finding the right spot for this question~.


I recently re-did the naming convention for the pics on my site ... and found it easier to do so on my backups and reloading them all. Well, project completed ... and now i have over a hundred jpgs in one folder that i want to delete because they are duplicates with inappropriate names. But in File Manager, the only option i can find for deletion is to click on a SINGLE file and select delete file.


Is there a way to speed up this process so i don't have to do this a hundred times?


Of course the time i've spent fiddling with it and posting here (and waiting for an answer), i probably could have done most of them by now ... :goof: , but it'll be good to know in general.




EDIT: OH! I had forgotten i have a second question in a similar vein. Stupid me, i named a file with quotations around it: "vocabulary.php", and for the life of me, i can't rename it, delete it or do anything ... any suggestions on how to clear that out of there also?


Rock Sign

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Hi Mitch.

Unfortunately, cPanel has no way of deleting multiple files at once - unless you delete a whole directory.


You'll have to use an FTP client for that. I can't think of another way for you to accomplish what you want.

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As for the problems you're having when trying to delete the file with quotes in its name...


To my knowledge, there's nothing we can do from our end to delete those types of files when using cPanel. I've had similar problems, but usually it's when my files have an ampersand in their name.


You might try using an FTP client and running a delete command from there. That's one option I haven't tried yet.


In the past, I've issued a help desk ticket asking that these files be deleted. You'll need to give the exact directory and name of the file. The tech support guys/gals are wonderful. They're always on top of this stuff. The longest I've ever had to wait for a file to be deleted is probably no more than 10 minutes!


:goof: Kasey

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