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Can't Send Email From Outlook


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I had a problem sending email using Outlook and finally found a solution. (I had previously added a post on this but can't find it now) My ISP finally fixed it for me by telling me that I had to enter their Outgoing mail server (stmp.joimail.com), even though I wasn't using their email services, in order to send mail. They said it was common practice now because of all the Spam problems.


I thought this could possibly help someone else.



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One thing that can be a gotcha, though, is Spam filters.

Some of the settings allow you to mark SPAM for the following conditions:

From server does not match the from address server indicated(not normally used)

From address does not match the reply to address (hopefully the ISP does not also force you to announce their server as from address)

Reverse DNS lookup on all incoming email can get you due to the first item (high-bandwidth usage, not often used)

ISP has been blocklisted by one or more of the many lists out there and has not taken the steps to get themselves unblocked


you will probably be just fine, but I thought I would give fair warning, just in case you start getting bounces.

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