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Today my norton personal firewall has told me the attached message. Its in swedish though so here is a translation (hope its correct in english)

A computer with the adress sent information looking like the information in the attack: Raq_apache_dot_htaccess

What does it mean and mostly what can i do about it?


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It would appear when working (or possibly just loading?) an htaccess file, it can trigger NIS to think there's an attack. All I could find was I've got an attack called Raq_Apache_dot_htaccess which mentions the same scenario.


Since the vulnerability Raq_apache_dot_htaccess is specific to antiquated cobalt servers, you shouldn't have any concerns.


Were you working on your htaccess files per chance, today?




[edited by D. Scott Demmin: changed the link text to be more descriptive ;) ]

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when working with htaccess

Thanks Dick, unfortunately Im lost. I dont work with htaccess. Last time i did that was months ago when setting up an errorpage after some tips here. But no htaccesswork on those things after that.

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Addition: I keep an eye on norton for a while (was reading what Big Gorilla suggested i should read) and it doesnt look too emergency.

Now if i could only figure out if he bribes some search engine since i didnt find that page when searching for Raq_apache_dot_htaccess through google and when seeing 127... i paniced. Thank BG and TCH-Dick.

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To Madmancp (or anyone)

When you connect to it you are actually ON the PC you started out from
That means I do surf from my own computer? :)


To Big Gorilla

Thanks, those bananas were tasty. ;)


To Bruce

Im a big boy (atleast last time i looked at my id-card, even if my site tries to say something else) so i can ask next time. But for this time, thanks. ;) :)

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