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with the analyzer my webpage clocked up a high size. I'm trying to see what I can do to optimize it. Knew of this website before but was too lazy to do anything now that I have some free time on my hands looking into it ! I will read that documentation over the next few days !

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I read the book. It's okay. If you are looking for one or two good ideas, then you'll be happy.


It's not the most groundbreaking book I've ever read... but it's good.


On of the biggest ideas in the book is to limit the size and amount of javascript. I'm not much of a javascript user, so that part of the book doesn't apply to me.


The book also encourages xhtml versus html... I haven't made that change yet and don't really see the advantage... yet.


There are some interesting tricks with tables. Also, he discusses css layout as a replacement for tables.


I finished the book thinking that most of the ideas were valid... but not always practical.

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One book that was really helpful to me was Designing With Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman. It had some really good tips and theories on making your sites accessible to as many browsers as possible as well as making them as search engine friendly as possible.

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The best document I have read without a doubt is called "The Ultimate Website Promotion Handbook" by Chris Standring. It discusses pretty much everything you need to know about page layout, optimization and power linking. I loved it.

Check it out at www.website-promotion-secrets.com

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I have not read the book but I find it curious that his site is not ranked well (at all!) :D


One thing about a good book, if it is in print it would have outdated material. Look how things have changed since November and then again at the end of January... you would be better served looking for fresh content online.


Just my two cents.

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You reference a good source (well sort of). I am not sure who Vincent Flanders is but Doctor HTML is copyrighted by Imagiware, Inc. Thus I removed your direct link above and have included what I would call as 'the source'.


It is a tool I recommended as well :dance:


I may stand corrected and they may be affiliated in some way, I did not look into it.

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