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Php/mysql Advice Requested

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I am working on a site for a client and am looking for some advice on how to design some of the elements.


They are in the storage business and have numerous clients that store stuff in their wharehouse. They track all of these stored items in dbase. They want to allow their clients to search their database over their website to see which items they currently have in the wharehouse. However, they only want clients to be able to search their own inventory (not other clients).


So, we're going to copy the database into a mySql database on the web, however, where I'm looking for general direction is;


1. - create a login/session access for different clients which would restrict them to only search for their inventory.


2. - Create a php script that will search the inventory db and return those results.


Anyone that has any advice on how to design this, or knows of any existing php scripts that would lend themselves nicely to either of the above --- your input is apreciated!



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For the login part, check out patUser.




Part two would seem to be a custom appliation that you will have to build on your own. If you don't have experience with php and mysql, then I would check out some tutorials at DevShed or purchase a book.


Don't take that as a blow off answer... it's not easy to explain how to write a custom php/mysql script from start to finish. A book or online tutorial (prewritten) is your best bet.


You might find a script ready to use at HotScripts.com

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I have just finished going down a similar path with a very simple application. I plugged "mysql php" into my favorite search engine and then had to search through everything that came back. Here are some of the resources I found that were very helpful:










Hope this helps!


Greg Donaldson

Rockville, MD

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I agree with Jack. Hunt down some websites and just read a lot.


As far as what you'll need to do, I think it's fairly simply. Have each client log in with his client id and have php store that number as a session variable. Then for every search that client does, add that client id into the where part of the SQL statement. (ie "SELECT * FROM 'inventory' WHERE clientID = $clientID" )

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