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I'm looking for online sources of pictures, graphics, and all maner of images.

Whenever I design pages, I find myself spending way too much time with my digital camera. I don't want to take pictures, I'd rather buy them. In ya'lls experience, where are the best sites to buy pictures for web design?

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I've gotten some images from morguefile.com. They are free. Depends on what kinds of pics you are looking for, though. These are more like, pure stock photography. You can do anything you want with them, though.

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I have been using http://www.istockphoto.com/ recently for both print and web projects. It's mainly photos, but they also have some graphics and flash.


You purchase download credits (.50 cents per credit) and today* the images cost 1 credit to download.


*Next week they are starting a new pricing structure and depending on what size image you need it will cost between 1 and 3 credits. This change was actually inspired by the users. For web design, you will probably only need the 1 credit size images.


If you are proficient with a digital camera, you can also become a contributor, upload your photos and make a little extra income.

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I asked this same question not long ago. Here's another one that was suggested in that topic...




EDIT --> Oops ... my apologies ... I didn't see that Josh (RockNRollPig) had already submitted this one. Sorry 'bout that! But here's another one ... http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm It's got a variety of resources, not just photos and graphics.

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