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Another Reason Why Tch Is The Best.

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Well, i have been getting TCH for about 1/2 year now, and all i can say is AMAZING.

Awesome customer support, very fast network and machines, and amazing prices!


Also, this month we used up all our bandwidth today.... I wasnt sure what the problem was (but i suspected that it was the bandwidth) and asked a customer support person why it was down.. Sure enough it was cause I used up all the 10 gigs of bandwidth.. but instead of him just leaving me hanging there... the tech support gave me an extra gig of bandwidth for this month so i could make it threw until then end... for free!

Thats right, they respect us sooo very much, that they would give me enough free bandwidth so i could make it threw the rest of the month


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Something to keep in mind though, sometimes we go over quota not expecting a surge in growth. Sometimes TCH will give a little extra, we know things happen. Thats one of the things that makes this place great.


To those that may be thinking that they can do this every month though, don't. This isn't directed at you accident, as your name states accidents happen or so my parents keep telling me.

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