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Cant Update Signature

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Since yesterday I have tried to update my signature but when i place the cursor/pointer in the textarea and click left button to highlight it turns to a hand.


In topics textarea all works fine, but not in my controls > signature.


I know its a poor explanation, but i cant figure out how to explain it better.

Anyone know what to do?

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this is due to the html that was placed in there for the Icons we all got LOL

I have found that you can right-click>select all and then paste into notepad to edit, then paste it back in.


PITB, I kn ow... but it at least works

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ThumpAZ´s solution worked. Thanks :)

One more question since I now figured out how to edit it.

Until 2 days ago, the icons (that ThumpAZ is talking about) were lined up horizontal next to each other very nicely, but now as you can see they are vertical lined up.

What am I doing wrong?

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Mine are aligned like you want, here is the text:

<A HREF="aim:goim?screenname=thumpaz">

<IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/aim/thumpaz"

<A HREF="ymsgr:sendIM?azlorangers"><IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/yahoo/azlorangers">


You may have to delete any spaces or anything else in between the ><'s


however, my AIM doesn't work anymore???


EDIT: I added another > behind the AIM stuff... but it still doesn't work :(

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I figured out how to get rid of the clicking while editing your sig!!!


You need to close the ahref tags.



You get one click to get a cursor in your sig, unless you want to do the select all>copy>paste thing.


At the very end of your sig, you need to put in "</a></a>" to close both tag.

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