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Total Sales Halt

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Until further notice TotalChoice has suspended accepting new clients.


This sales stopage is in effect for all virtual and reseller services.


Why do you ask?


Mainly we have simply grown to fast this month and have not been able to build servers fast enough to keep up with demand. I refuse to over sell our servers, so we have no other choice but to stop taking new orders.


However, with this huge growth spurt I want to allow my staff a couple days to catch up with any outstanding issues this new growth may have caused.


The customer is always first. If we oversell our services and or servers we would not be everyones favorite hosting company for long.


I am thinking we will resume taking orders in a few days, but I promise nothing at this point.


Thank you to all our new customers for making January 2004 our best month EVER!



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You have once again proven to your customers and staff that your priorities in growing TCH are sincere.


I hope you look back on this hic-up one day and chuckle: " back in the days when we had to TURN AWAY BUSINESS".


Congratulations, Bill and Staff.


Rock Sign

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Hey < feelsome >,



If I understand correctly,



First Bill must place his order, Then they build the server racks, then they ship them where Bill want's them sent, then they have to hook them up, and start them working.





TCH is well worth the wait, if you jump in somewhere else and you don't go for the best, then once you find someone better, your going to go there, and so on, TCH is the best in my book! You can hang in there a few days. TCH is Awesome!

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Why go anywhere else? Why go through the stress of another host? I mean sure, you could go somewhere else to get up nearly immediately (At this point), but you won't get anything as great as TCH, and when you realize you should have waited for TCH to get the new servers running... Well...



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The ordering process is smooth! B) Much faster and less confusing than the last 2 times I signed up. Great job!


:goof: Still can't chmod file with file manager in cPanel and the shared SSL doesn't seem to be up yet. Is the cPanel older version than the other servers?


:D The computer generated username is difficult to remember, but I'll get use to it. I'd wish the username and the directory name can be changed to the company name. But Tech Support sight it offer extra security as reason. However, if the user decided to use shared SSL instead of purchasing a SSL of their own, the directory name will be shown in the address line anyway. (I know, I know, being cheap has it's draw backs).


Thumbs Up

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Just added another client's site to TCH when the temporary freeze was lifted this morning.


Order process was straightforward, except for one thing.


I was prompted for a primary email address as well as a secondary. So I added my client's address in the primary and my address as secondary. I was hoping that the activation email would be sent to both, but was only sent to the primary.


This required me to contact the client so that he could forward the email to me and allow me to continue setting things up.


Not a big thing, but it would be nice to have the activation info sent to both addresses.

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i've been reading the boards and i see how happy everyone is with your service and what you're offering, and i'd heard nothing but good things before i got here.


for this reason, i'm asking:

were you aware that your website will not allow new sales to progress at the moment? i was able to get my domain name a few days ago [and confirmed that it went through], but i can't order a plan for the life of me. i get to the pulldown menu with the plan choices, and then the whole thing just *stops.* for the last few days it's been this way.


if you've stopped accepting new customers again [and if you will start taking us again in the future], could you let me know?

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I knew there was a reason I loved this joint. I've been recommending TCH to everyone and am getting another new client signed on now.


I originally thought to have one of my other sites at a different host to be "diversified," but what's the point when everybody here rocks!



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EDIT: Some folks didn't understand what I meant so...


Sorry, when I saw the avatar of Bill the Cat (of Bloom County comic strip fame) in Jaxx's info, I just had to share with you all one of the shortest, yet most powerful statements in political satire.

Edited by TCH-Glenn
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