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email aliasing question


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as was pointed out, cPanel allows you to forward email to another email account - which will allow you to give out an email of infor@mysite.com and have it be forwarded to jdoe@mysite.com or jdoe@yahoo.com


you may also define a default address for any misidentified emails. For example, perhaps you have a jdoe@mysite.com but somebody enters it as johndoe@mysite.com.


Good luck!


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Each person in my family (spread all over the East Coast, 'cept for me) has his or her own ISP and all sorts of variation on their e-mail addresses (e.g., fran6543@whatever.com). So I've given them all kantor.com addresses. Some of them don't understand the whole "you dial in to your ISP, but you check your mail at mail.kantor.com, so I simply use forwarding to send their kantor.com messages to whatever weirdo account they have.


It's actually a better option in some ways than letting them check it here. It doesn't use up precious storage space on your SNH... er, TCH's account.




PS: I also own whizkid.com, and lots of friends have requested @whizkid.com addresses. :)

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