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New Virus On The Loose: Mydoom (medium Risk Alert)


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Hi Everyone.


Just a friendly heads up, there is a new virus on the streets. It's called MyDoom and you can find the article at CNN


Here's a clip from the article...


The worm is contained in e-mails with random senders' addresses and subject lines. While the body of the e-mail varies, it usually includes what appears to be an error message, such as: "The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment."


Few more URLs:




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Hey guys, I was just checking on comments on My Doom. Not on my TCH Site, but one of our home ID's was hit with 500+ Emails in 2 hours last night! I had to take the account down. Mad!!! That was just the incoming virus attempts, not even with the machine infected.


Fortunately no sign of it on my TCH site Thumbs Up

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According to Symantec, the virus exludes .edu domians from it's propagation procedure. - Who ever it is obviously has nothing against academics! :D


Just got one in my .edu e-mail! <_< I have it forward to my yahoo account since I don't check the edu one every day.




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Just got one in my .edu e-mail!  <_<  I have it forward to my yahoo account since I don't check the edu one every day. 

Yeah, me too -- only a few have trickled my way, but it was into an .edu domain. Either way, it has my department's IT person in quite a huff. (Admittedly, that's not hard to do, although I can't always blame her. I had a hard enough time keeping systems running smoothly at a small non-profit, so I can imagine what it's like to herd a building full of academics around...)



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