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First off, I have only been with TCH for almost a month now, but this isnt my first experience with webhosting.



Geocities is the best free service, but I need my own space, the space to call my own, Yahoo! Webhosting. is EXTREMELY Expensive and is not at all as good as TCH with the support area, they do have a 1-800 number, but when you think about it, by the time you wait the 20 minutes of #1's and #2's then you have to wait about an hour to get a tech, then you have to give your Username and Password, and last four credit card numbers which isnt anything bad the last 4 digits is nothing, but still the though of giving it "Over the phone" is spooky. By the time you get yahoo! Techs to help you, you could alrdy have the problem sorted out by one of the TCH Staff Member's, or one of the other family member's that have delt with the same issue you are dealing with.


They also offer all this FREE Stuff, and Free Webpage builder, don't fall for that line of trash, yahoo! gets the stuff free, and the software they have limits you to what you can do on your website, and if you don't like links back to other sites on your website check your source code. :lol: nasty little trick they have there.


Enough of me nagging on yahoo!, TCH is just the best choice you can make, in all my almost 6 years of making weird websites, "More of destroying my websites" hehe, TCH is the most reliable host, and they have the most features you could want. There isn't one thing that I could complain about. O wait...Yes...One thing, dinner is always late! :)


All Kidding aside, If you are thinking of Signing up with TCH, By All Means Do, it is a great host and very very reliable, in almost a month I have not had trouble with my site nor has my site's server went down "That I know of." I am on the silver plan with my personal site, and someday when I get into the EMS, I am going to start a online community for fellow EMT's, aswell as a site for my job.


All Around short and plain and simple "Sign up You Will Never Find Another Host Like TCH!" ( Or Should I say... I have not found anyone like them. )

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I am on the silver plan with my personal site, and someday when I get into the EMS, I am going to start a online community for fellow EMT's, aswell as a site for my job.

Thank you for the kind words about our services.


So your going to be a EMT?


What a great job!


I spent a number of years in Law Enforcement, and EMT's are true hero's of the trade.


Good luck to you on your dream of becoming a EMT. I wish you all the luck in the world.



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Yes, I am very pleased, just can't stay around the forums for long, my eye's begin to turn blue and my work/school suffer greatly, *Not to mention my typos* I think I have corrected like 10 of my posts over 100+ times lol. I guess the oldness is getting to me, can't stay up all night and party no more :)




Well, as far as my experience here, how can it get any worse lol, to drop from a $19.99 plan at yahoo to a $5.00 a month and $10.99 a year LOL! And all the friendly people around to boot! :P





Yes Mr. Bill,

EMT is the life away from my fantasy world lol, I think I live on mars most of the time :)



And for all the other TCH- Members Thumbs Up - Keep up the good work!!!



And for you Mr. Bill, - Rock Sign Awesome job - We love TCH!!!




Well, off to munch on some Sleeping pills mixed fruity pebels :D

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school suffer greatly, *Not to mention my typos*


Dont worry, I see you are improving, not many abbrs in that long comment. :(


Keep up your nice attitude and you´ll be a good EMT.


Psst... What is a Emt? :) (I think i know, but not sure)

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Emergency Mouse Training,



Is when you get a bunch of dead mice, and teach your cat to hunt it, by hooking the mouse on a long fishing poll, and making the cat chase it around and try to kill it.



:) lol



I on the other hand, am going for EMT-P aswell as EMT-D, which will allow me to give basic and advanced life support, and drive ambulances with the lights and sirens, AkA Code 3!!! o and not to forget, speeding down the highway with everyone getting out your way in traffic jams LOL!

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Or a little ID card saying "Police Officer" instead of "EMT-Paramedic"



And a big notebook full of tickets filled out as "Failing to merge right for blue lights"





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