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Domain Names - Redirecting!


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I have three domain names of which 1 is finally a live site. I bought all three names at one with the intention of completing my main site and then having the other two pointing at it somehow! This is where I come unstuck! My host is obviously TCH, and I bought my names through Go Daddy and UK Net Names (or something like that!) How do I get my go daddy name to go to my site on TCH rather than Go Daddy when (and if) someone enters it directly?


Does that make sense? Go Daddy are asking for custom name servers. What the flippin heck are they? Sorry - am just not technical - no wonder it took months to configure my site!!




I would appreciate any help. (I have seen other similar threads but just dont understand what everyone is on about)


Thanks in advance

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There are two steps you need to take to get additional domains to point to the same site on our servers. First, you should set the nameservers of all the domains to ns1.totalchoicehosting.com and ns2.totalchoicehosting.com with the registrar(s) of the domains.


Second, you should go to the Help Desk and submit a request to have the additional domains parked on the existing domain. Include your CPanel log in information. We will take care of setting them up. It takes 24 to 72 hours after your have changed the nameservers for the sites to resolve to our server.

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