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You have an extremely well designed site, very professional in every way and not only in appearance.


You have a decent page rank right now, 4 out of a scale of ten according to google's page rank system.


With a site designed as well as yours, the only thing I can see that will increase your page rank and page positions would be to receive more hits to your site. The sites with the most visitors and most relavent inbound links, are the ones that get highest page rank and page positions.


Unless you're willing to pay loads of money for promotional advertisements to increase traffic to your site, you should add a links page or link directory to your site.


By having a links page or links directory on your site you are able to exchange links with other top sites related to yours which, will not only help raise your page rank through increased targeted traffic to your site, it will move you up the ladder in page position on the search engines also!


If you add a links page and begin to exchange links, be very careful about who you link to. Poor linking stratigies can lower your page rank and position. All link exchanges should be done in-house, that way you have full control over who you are linking to. There are businesses out there that will provide and maintain an automated link program for a fee however, automated linking can make your site disappear from search engines.




http://www.Quality-Wholesale-Products.com Rock Sign

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Tim 389

Great site

There is a problem with the 'Handwrap>Stretch film page.

( http://www.4tce.com/sku_item.php?sku_gp_id...=Stretch%20Film

When you click on the "more info button" I get a java script error...no pop up window like all the other pages. Just thought you should know...there could be other pages similarly errored but there are too many products to check them all...a good couple of hours work!


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Sorry, your statement "why I got dropped from Google" suggested that you indeed got 'dropped'. Being dropped would be a much bigger problem then going down in rank. :)


To the reason why on your lower rank? Well that could be do to a lot of different factors including the fact that maybe you did not go down, others rose. Seriously, other sites changing to get ranked higher could explain it.


You need to do research. What is your rank now? The sites that moved above you were where (in rankings) prior to the change? Are these new sites that rank above you and thus may be only a temporary placement? Lots of questions to ask.


One more key question, is 'southern california printing' the best phrase for you?


I will have more SEO thoughts for you Tim when I add your site to our family pages and actually look at the site (which will be soon).

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