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Any Password

is an easy-to-use tool that lets you store and arrange all your passwords, user IDs, and related information in a tree form. The program saves this information in encrypted files which can be protected by a password. So, the only thing you need to remember is the password for the file. Any Password can also generate random passwords with specified parameters (length, used characters, etc.). You can find any stored information using the incremental search feature.


Any Password is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use.


What I like about this program, besides being free,

is that it is easy to use.

With the familiar explorer / tree like interface, it's intuitive to use,

and only one password to remember.

There is a comment area that can store lots of notes.

And you can have multiple files for different users.


link: www.romanlab.com/apw/?anypassword

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Hiyas Don and Lianna,



It might just be me, but arn't password-finders/keepers not very good for safety?

I mean if the rare chance something happens and you get hacked, or have a trojan, then people can steal your passwords and access your accounts, I personally like printing all of my usernames and passwords, putting them in my big notebook full of internet related materials, then put it in my fireproof locked box.

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TinyWizard, what about if your fireproof locked box gets cracked?... :lol:


Nothing is safe in this world. Nothing. No matter how far you go to protect it, don't think that you are 100% safe. There is *always* a way to break in. It's just a matter of how stubborn/patient the hacker is and how bad he/she wants to get in.


I do agree that having a program to keep passwords for you is a Bad Thing. But no more than keeping them written somewhere in a piece of paper.

There's an old hackers' saying that goes something like this:

"The most secure system is the one locked in a box, burried under 1000 meters of dirt, surrounded by pouches of poisonous gas and has electrified barbed wire, armed guards and dogs guarding the surface. Still, I wouldn't trust my life on it." :)

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LoL! Good point, but per the Breaking into my locked box, first they have to get into my home, then into my bedroom, then they can steal it lol, I am on XP, I have been infected with the MS Blaster Virus, aswell as a SubSeven Trojan Horse, which happened about 10 minutes ago, and the IP which was trying to connect to my computer, was neotraced, and reported to the Cyber Crime Unit, which is part of my local FBI Branch Here in Mississippi. It's Simple, you can catch people over the net trying to hack you, but it is easier to hack people and get the stuff off of their PC, than to break into their home.


Hehe, Got carried away, and wasnt paying attention, leaping from one convo to the other lol, trying to multitask aswell as study, the age is catching up to me I guess. Grrrr I will correct them someday.

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Security should be the main concern for everyone, but sometimes there can be too much "unnecessary" security.


Lets see, a program that has a password that stores ALL my passwords...that in itself goes against some basic rules of security. That being storing all your sensitive data in one location.


But what this program does is help individuals control and give them easy access to all the passwords that are forced upon them by all the programs that require them to be secure. You need a username/password to access your ISP, then a username/password to open email. Then there is a Username/password to get into the Forum or Chat...oh yea, I belong to 7 different forums and 8 different Chat areas...yep, all require a password!


Sometimes you just want to say...WHO CARES, take my data, I give up. :lol:

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From my perspective, and I KNOW everybody's gonna laugh at me...


This program absolutely blows away my previous password keeper:

MS Excel worksheet


on my LaCie portable drive (small enough that anyone could walk off with)

in a file called: Accounts.xls


Now, for me, this password protected password keeper is a huge leap forward. :)

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Maybe I should try this <she says as she looks around at the scraps of paper with many of her passwords scribbled on, surrounding her pooter>

Hmmmm.... :)

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This is a statement from Any Password's documentation:


Strong encryption algorithm. The program encrypts data files using IDEA/MD5 algorithms. So, unauthorized access to the files is practically impossible.


I agree that nothing is 100% safe...and I agree that putting secure info. all in one place makes me nervous. But, doesn't the fact that this program uses encryption help a little bit?


I'm using the program to help me keep up with work passwords, website passwords, email passwords, military passwords (that I only use once a month at the most) and many others. Am I naive to consider myself relatively safe with the encryption, AVG Anti-Virus, ZoneAlarm and PestPatrol running?

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Yes the file it uses is encrypted,

and requires a password to open the data file.

This keeps it safe from others.


And I back is up to a second drive and a CD after adding to it.


Make it a regular procedure,

create new password, back it up.

I also store a back at work as part of my off site backup on CD.


Also you can have different users with their own file.


I switched from a paid program to Any Password,

because it is easier and has more features,

including a large area for notes.


And the ability to click on a link symbol to connect to the secure login address

is very handy.

I use it for my bank login,

rather than adding the bank to my favorites where anyone might see the link.

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And the ability to click on a link symbol to connect to the secure login address is very handy.


Yes, that is what I found most useful. I didn't have all my links in the excel sheet, and some scattered across 3 pc's, but none on all.


Now I'm at least somewhat secure and organized all in one freebie! :unsure:

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I think this program is great and I'm using random password for everything now.


A word of warning though -- make sure you have a backup of the password file! My laptop hard drive quit and I came within inches of having to re-discover all of my passwords! Luckily I had saved a copy on our network a couple days earlier!



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