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well that's just it, I need to have something outside of the local host access it. When I try the domain it doesn't work, it says it can't connect. Is there by chance an IP address I can use? That would make it a lot easier.

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well that's just it, I need to have something outside of the local host access it.

AH! See, that bit of info wasn't given before.


From cPanel, click on Manage MySQL


Then under Access Hosts, ADD a new with only a * entered.


Then from your remote application, enter host name of the IP address of your site.


If you can post more detail here about what application you are using locally to access your remote MySQL db, then maybe someone can get the very specific steps.

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I have 2 counterstrike servers hosted elsewhere. I need them to access the mysql database I created on TCH. I can't figure out what I should use as my hostname. I tried using my domain (clanmdc.com) and I even used a ping plotter to find the ip address of the TCH server my site is hosted on. Nothing I try works. Here is an example of the file I have to edit to access mysql:


amx_mysql_host "clanmdc.com"

amx_mysql_user "mysql username"

amx_mysql_pass "mysql password"

amx_mysql_db "clanmdc_website"

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For your host name try your server (ie. server20.totalchoicehosting.com). Your server number can be found right at the top of the cpanel login.


You made sure to go into the "Manage Mysql" option and add a * to your access hosts, right?

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Have you tried accessing the database using your local client?


If not, you might want to try it.


I am not sure what platform you run locally but if it is windows you could try using something like MySQL-Front.


I found that if I configured my database to allow access from % and then configured MySQL-Front to:


server: ****

user: mytchuser_dbuser

password: <the pw for the user above>

database: mytchuser_dbname


I was able to get access locally. Once I got that working I was able to setup remote to remote access.


One note if you do get it working you might want to change the security from the wildcard % to the actual host ip address as it would be more secure.


Hope this helps!


Greg Donaldson

Rockville, MD

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