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Hey Y'all,


In the invision control panel

Under 'Manage stylesheets'

I have managed to create a new a new style sheet

Which nows sits in 'Unallocated style sheets'


If anyone knows how I shift it up into 'allocated' so I can use it that'd be tops.



The Lesta Jesta

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In the ipb admin>skins &templates>manage skin sets>edit default

under Use Stylesheet> select your new style sheet,

under Set as default skin set? select yes.



TCH ? I am using Invision Power Board(U) v1.3 Final :

when I get to that (ipb admin/skins&templates/stylesheets/manage stylesheets page,

I do not see "Set as default skin set?"> anywhere on that page? I get the various menus: "Current Stylesheets In Use", "Current Unallocated", "Create New Stylesheet", and "Upload new stylesheet". However no where do I see any "Set as default skin". ?

I also get a constant error when I try to upload a stylesheet modification, saying "failed transfer, cannot upload file". Any suggestions on either issue ? :)

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