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What Are Your Interests?


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Hey, I am a member of several web boards. Most of them are specific to an interest. Since this is noteven close to a particular interest (other than websites) I was wondering what folks are in to?


I'll start...

I am in to Off-Highway Vehicles and Extreme Rock Crawling (www.rockcrawler.org). While many cringe at the thought, I have to add that I am also very active in Land Use rights and Stewardship (treating the land right and teaching others the same). Find more info on good stewardship at www.treadlightly.org

I have an '84 Jeep CJ-7 that is highly modified for safety and ability, and is quickly becoming more Chevy than Jeep. :P

I also have a 2003 Nissan 350Z and am in the process of making this a true street sleeper (looks stock, but packs a MEAN whallop, for those that don't know) for the track with many engine and drivetrain modifications that will push the stock 287 HP at the crank up to around 450 HP at the rear wheels. Supercharger, headers, exhaust, injectors, program, and ignition will get me there and then some. :blink:

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Hm...this is a tricky one to answer since this is a family forum. :P

Nah... just kidding :blink:


Computers since you wouldnt have been able to read this otherwise.

Music, animals are others.


Tough ones to explain closer but in music anything goes except opera and some jazz.


Animals, well anything but birds. Sorry other animal lovers, I have a bird fobia.



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My interests are soccer (as you can tell from my avatar), hockey, figuring out how anything electronic works (especially various communications devices), and of course computers.


I'm also an accomplished self-taught keyboard player, so I guess you'd have to add music also. :blink:

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I also like Arizona this time of year.

Yeah, almost 70 degrees and sunny is definitely VERY nice.

I stayed home today just because of the weather... and to work on my Jeep for a magazine run this weekend (Four Wheel and Off Road is going to be taking pics of a run this weekend that I have been invited to... I might make it into the magazine :) )

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My main interest is photography; concert photography mostly, though I like macro photography and lomography (Russina Lomo cameras). Besides that, anything internet-based (design, scripting, etc.) though I'm not the greatest at it.


I have an '84 Jeep CJ-7 that is highly modified for safety and ability, and is quickly becoming more Chevy than Jeep.


I bought a 2000 TJ a few months ago after years of drooling and wanting. I've yet to take it off-road. I'm new to the 4-wheeling thing, so I'm starting off slowly. Too slow, probably.

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Lesse here...


I'm interested in websites, by and large. Love making them and looking at them, haha. I like computers, working on them, configuring them... Tech support too.


I like soccer but don't play at the moment, love watching football (NFL), I'm very interested in my fiancee (Hehe)...


Hmm... I'm interested in good food, too. Love it!

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Hmm. Let's see. Hobbies would imply spare time :goof:


Recently discovered the world of stamping. Finding that I actually DO have a creative side. For those unfamiliar, stamping has become a great new fad craft, like scrapbooking, and I mosting make greeting cards for family and friends. Nothing like a personal touch and I think they are special because you know that someone expended effort and thought, not just $2.25 at Hallmark.


Other favs, my son and anything to do with him. He's six and I love experiencing the world through his eyes.


Yoga, which doesn't seem to be getting as much time lately and then there's the obvious...I'm a tech-junkie.


Last, but certainly not least: TV. It's on first thing and off last. Not always head-junk though, I like Court, Discover, TLC, Bravo, FoodNetwork, etc.

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I love Spanish Rock, Techno-House, Techno-Industrial music & usu some of all the rest here & there; love web design and all things related; have a soft spot for sci-fi tho I'm not hard-core; interested in animal watching (esp Animal Planet!); favorite writer is William Gibson; umm.. yeah...


things I want to get into?





jogging :goof:

human behavior





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