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Uploads Using Dreamweaver Mx Changes File Sizes


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When I upload files using Dreamweaver, it reduces the file size. I only noticed this because, sometimes it won't upload my common.js file correctly. I have to use WS FTP to get get it to upload correctly. Any idea what causes this? It reduces the file size of every file, but most other files appear to work correctly.

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Not sure if this is the correct answer or not... file "sizes" are sometimes interpreted differently depending on the program you are using. They do not round the numbers the same way.


For example looking at one of my index files on my hard drive using Windows Explorer (XP) it reports the file size as "6K". Looking at this file in WS-FTP online and offline its reported as 5406. When I go thru cpanel and look at it from File Manager its reported as "5K".


So there are three different "sizes" for the exact same file...but there is actually no difference, they are exactly the same just the size is different because of the way the program calculates the size. One uses the actual bytesize, one may use the correct kilobyte=1024 and the other may use kilobyte=1000. Or it maybe a simple rounding issue with one rounding up and one rounding down (or not rounding at all).


I would think there is not an issue with dreamweaver, but I could be wrong. :)

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