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New Cd-rw Installation


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After following the instructions...it doesn't work. <_<


So...here's the scoop. I have 4 drives on computer to include the following:


1. Hard drive

2. Floppy disk drive (3 1/2)

3. CD/RW (older one...won't read RWs anymore, but does everything else)

4. CD/RW (new)


I didn't mess with the hard drive or floppy. I disconnected old CD/RW...disconnected jumpers (hope that's the right word for the wide grey cables)...reconnected new jumper to motherboard...connected middle slot of jumper to old CD/RW and set as slave...connected end of jumper to new CD/RW and set as master.


Upon reboot, the computer found the new CD/RW, but when I put the disk in to load software, it just sits there. When I go to explore and click on that drive...it does not read the CD, it just sits there. When I look in the Device Manager, it says the drive is good to go.


Computer is no longer finding the old CD/RW. Both drives do have power!!


I'm not a hardware geek yet, so please bless me with some knowledge...THANKS!

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I went into the device manager for the new drive and UNchecked the "enable digital audio" box. The new drive will now read the software installation cd. Haven't tried other CDs yet.


Computer is still not finding the old CD/RW. It does not show up in explore and is not listed in the hardware device manager.


Any thoughts?

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