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The Waiting Game


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Don't you hate waiting for your new domain to propagate?

This is my first site with total Choice. I was referred here by one of their suppliers, who happens to be a good friend.

From the looks of thing, I don't think I have to worry about straining that friendship.


If I start babbling, it's because I don't have a site to test with right now grrr

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Thanks for the warm wishes and welcomes.

I have done several sites in the past (mostly business sites) and have always had the local server to play on first. This time, though, it's personal.

The way i am developing the site, there are links the _somewhat_ require the site name to hide the location. That is why is got a little frustrating. But not any frustration with you guys at all. I was just playin around and bored :blink:

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