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Hi, Scott. Here's the info:


Site 1:



Natural Images Photography;

--Site specializes in Colorado nature photography and zoo animal photography.

Link to TCH is on my resources page.



Site 2:



Monarch Mountain Designs and Hosting

--Custom, professional and affordable web design and hosting.

Link to TCH on my hosting page.



Scott, I would love to get my sites evaluated, but they are not done yet. So, if you can evaluate with that in mind, that'd be great. Actually, the design site is mostly done for a little while at least. There's more I'd like to add to it, just don't have the time! The photography site only has a few galleries done. They will all be done the same way, though, so you should be able to base your evaluation on the available gallery pages. OH...I will also have text for EACH image in the future. I know that will help with SE Indexing and rank.



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Just a quickie on Monarch, if you were to add a little padding in your table (~5) it would make a world of difference with reading your text.


I know that this is not the place (or I the person) to be suggesting this but it was the first thing that hit me. Well really the second, the overall beauty of the page was the first :goof:


Still looking....

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Thanks, Scott. I'll have a look at that padding issue. Sorry about the dup. with the photography site. I thought I had added it, but couldn't find it on the family sites page. I'll go look again as I am often as blind as a bat!!!

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Monarch Mountain Designs and Hosting has been added to our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page.


SEO thoughts (as I see them [i.e. random :blink: ].


1. Change the link for 'home' to point to www.monarchmountaindesigns.com/


I know this sounds crazy but www.monarchmoutaindesigns.com/ and www.monarchmountaindesigns.com/index.php will get ranked differently (i.e. these are viewed as 'different' URLs). It does not show on this site, but it will. Want proof? How about these two URLs:


a. www.naturalimagesweb.com/


PageRank of 4 and 2 relevant backlinks (both from TCH I might add :P )


b. www.naturalimagesweb.com/index.php


PageRank of 4 and 1 relevant backlink, the one backlink? You guessed it, it comes from www.naturalimagesweb.com/


Now obviously the above example does not make much of a difference. However in the future it will (when you increase the number of backlinks and gain more PageRank). Everyone will be pointing to the .com/ variation. Thus, change all your internal pages to do the same.



2. See an html typo: </html instead of </html>



3. As you know, Alt tags on all images.



4. Speaking of Alt tags, all yours look like this alt=""""


The """ is going to give html errors.



5. <meta name="description"


Too long: one complete, concise descriptive sentence (use keywords). ~130 characters.



6. <meta name="keywords"


Too many. Make sure you are picking only the most relevant. I might add Colorado in there. Also, get rid of the spaces: keyword1,keyword2,etc. not keyword1, keyword2, etc.


Always list these in order, the most important word (or phrase) first.



7. You have 17 total pages indexed within Google :)


Is that all of them? If not all pages link from your home page it would be advisable to add a site map (and add a site map link on every page).



8. You could use keywords a little more affectively. Examples


a. Within a link


'Click here to learn more...' vs. 'Learn more about hosting'

'Get a Free Quote... ' vs. 'Get a Free Web Design Quote'


[oh, I just noticed... you have all caps :goof: I know that is the look you want but, not good with regard to the search engines. Sorry.]


b. Within the text


It is wise to have keywords or phrases within the body text. In addition, it would be nice to have some of those words (or phrases) in bold.


c. Alt tags


You and I already mentioned this.


d. Header tags


<h1>The Right Place for Custom, Professional, Affordable Web Design</h1> Bravo Thumbs Up



9. Add more content, relative good content (it is still king).



10. Add relevant backlinks.



Looks good Tracy (you can tell you are an artist :D ), hope this helps.

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Oh, wanted to add:


You live in a beautiful part of the country :heart


My family is originally from Colorado Springs (as in way back). I have spent many fond memories in the Colorado Rockies and in the Flat Tops specifically. My father, brother-in-law and myself always took two full weeks in the back country each summer (not always Colorado and not always the Rockies but they were our perennial favorites). I have come out of the wilderness area and had many a fine meal in Meeker (the first civilized meal [i.e. grease].


Actually now that I think about it... :goof: I got a cotton-picken ticket on highway 13 once and the state trooper hauled me into Meeker to post bail (I had an out of state drivers license [CA no less] and I believe we looked pretty... well let us say 'ruff'.


No hard feelings though, it is truly a beautiful place :P

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Actually now that I think about it... I got a cotton-picken ticket on highway 13 once and the state trooper hauled me into Meeker to post bail (I had an out of state drivers license [CA no less]and I believe we looked pretty... well let us say 'ruff'.


LOL...really, I did!! I got a ticket on HWY 13 in Rifle...didn't get hauled in to jail though!!!!! woooot


If you VISIT THIS PAGE you'll find some Flattops photos from this past fall. We took a horseback ride through the forest...it was a great day!!! Here's another photo that I'm fond of from that day. It's a background pic...pardon the text on top of it.


Yeah...go ahead and change the description for Natural Images, please.


Thanks for all your input. I'll get started implementing some of those changes!!! :goof:

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Yeah...go ahead and change the description for Natural Images, please.





Loved the images... such memories. My wife (did her undergraduate work at CSU) and I took our three children to Colorado last Thanksgiving for the first time (well at least the first time that they will remember). Got up into Rocky Mountain National Park but Trail Ridge was closed :goof:


I miss it. We live in a really pretty place here (or at least that is what everyone tells me)... the finger lakes of Western New York.


However, beauty is relative... and I have seen the Rockies!

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However, beauty is relative... and I have seen the Rockies!


You got that right! Mind if I use that as a quote sometimes in sigs and stuff???


I've gotten started on all the changes you suggested...will finish tomorrow. I have one question:


On a scale of 1-10 of importance, good content being a 10...how important is the all caps thing?


Also...there are several established sites out there that have had a link to my photography website for a year or more. Why don't those backlinks show up? For the longest, the TCH links didn't show up...now that's all that's there out of at least 8 sites...some specific to photography??? Very confusing!!!


Thanks again for all your wonderful help!! I can already feel the changes taking place! B)

Edited by natimage
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...how important is the all caps thing?


You will be OK, leave them B)



This +www.naturalimagesweb.+com placed in the Google search window will give you all the pages within Google's index that reference your site.


All the pages that reference you


When one looks at backlinks from the toolbar, it will only show what is referred to as 'relevant links', meaning those pages that have a PageRank of 4 or higher.


Are those 'missing' pages in this list?


Also, a site can link to you via a PHP script or JavaScript which will not be 'viewed' by a search engine spider (and thus not pass on the citation [or credit]). Go to those sites in question and see how they are linking to you.


Good luck.

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