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How Spam Assassin Handles Mailman Mail?

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I've been happily tweaking Spam Assassin to handle the Junk Mail Phenomenon, and everything's worked out great -- thank you.


Recently I activated a mailing list. I noticed mail sent through it have Spam Assassin headers, so apparently SA has been filtering the mail. I also noticed a couple e-mail I sent to the list have not shown up. I assume the e-mail has been designated as spam, but have no evidence whatsoever.


Now, how can I receive the spam (real and false positive) sent through a Mailman-manged list? As the list is already running, this is somewhat urgent for me.... :)




PS: I bet this issue has been discussed before, but I've failed to discover the relevant threads. My apology to you.

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Hmm...I think my description of the problem with the unforwarded mail was possibly inaccurate:


it seems that Mailman 2.1.2 (the current installed version) refuses to distribute mail whose subject line uses certain non-US ASCII encoding, for example Traditional Chinese (aka Big5). No warning is given and the guilty mail is apparently discarded.


So possibly Spam Assassin is not responsible for the problem.


Still, I'd appreciate any info as to whether our favorite assassin targets mail headed for list distribution -- thanks!

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