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neat tool to find your google position

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HI all...in my work to get my site ranked on google, I ran across this tool. Its called Google Pos and it tells you how your site is ranked based on specific keywords. I'm not sure whether it is accurate or not, maybe some of the experts could comment, but it seems pretty useful.


check it out http://douweosinga.com/projects/googlepos

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HAHAHAHAHA... I had a hit from google on my site, so I followed it (thanks, extreme tracker) and I got a kick out of it... so I "tested" the same stuff and it came out #1, accurate... well, for the time being anyhow.


Keywords: Homestarrunner blogger template

URL: (this was my blog's old address) http://davejenbarnes.blogspot.com




So, as far as that goes, it was accurate once, it could be again!


:D Jennifer

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