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Please add PDABruce.com to the family


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Please add my site to the family. :rolleyes:


1. http://www.pdabruce.com


2. PDABruce


3. Palm PDA software to help make your life easier.


4. Link at bottom of opening page.



And if you would please.


Rank Evaluation


Thank you. I am hosting this site as well as the company I work for's site here and just had my wife purchase a family domain and host here as well. Why? Because Rock Sign

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PDABruce has been added to our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page :)


SEO thoughts:


You are in the Google index with a nice PageRank of 6 Thumbs Up


Number of Relevant Backlinks: 13


Number of Total Backlinks: 104


Total Number of Pages Indexed: 32


How many pages is the site?


I would recommend a site map coming off the home page which would include all pages thus contributing to a complete deep crawl.


I did not look but this site is a good example of what quality links can do. Probably one of those 13 links is a high PR site and is quickly giving you a nice PR6 (again good job).


I would still recommend getting more good links (from other sites to yours).


Your Meta Keyword tag is too long, choose only the most relevant words (maybe half the number). This should be in order, listing most relevant phrase first.


Your Meta Description should be one complete sentence utilizing your most relevant keywords. Again, narrow this down to a succinct 'real' description.


Set Alt tags (and you are missing one width tag) on all your images.


You should have a DocType declaration at the very top of your code:


e.g. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">


You have a couple of html structural errors:


Line 154


<table border=0 width="95%">


<td valign="top" align="center"> <a href="http://www.pdatnutsandbolts.com" target="_top"><img src="images/pdat.gif" border="0" alt="Visit PDA Nuts and Bolts" width=230 height=75></a>




Line 183

<font color="#FFFFFF" size="1" face=verdana> <b> <big> PDABruce.com</big></font> </b> <br>


I did not look real close but these two caught my eye first. Clean code is important for many reasons, including getting a site ranked well.


Good luck.

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Thanks Scott!


I am going to redo the entire site as soon as I can come up with a CSS style I really like. I know about some of the coding errors and have been working on them while redesigning the site.


Thanks for the info on the META tags and the DOC declaration.


There are a total of 41 pages on the site.

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There are a total of 41 pages on the site.


I thought there were more then the 32 indexed. Creating that site map and having a site map link on all pages will aid in getting all 41 pages indexed which is obviously important.


Your welcome and keep us posted with regard to the 'winning' css style :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hiya Bruce!


Just thought I'd check out your site using some of my extra browsers. First of all, I'm on a mac.


In Safari 1.1.1 the text in the main space on the page appears off to the right quite a bit with a horizontal scroll bar. I admit, this is very strange! The left edge of text is under the "T" of the "WEB STORE" tab... something that Safari is doing wrong prolly as none of the other browsers I've checked it with are interpreting it that way! Also on Safari, the left vertical menu has some spacing issues with the subtitles: BUY ONLINE, HELP, and OTHERS. All of those are sitting ontop of the blue buttons without some nice space like it has on all the other browsers. I can't get my mac to take a screenshot (I'm not a :Nerd:), so I'll try another route but it will take a little while.


In Opera 6.03 some different unusual stuff shows up: The text's left margin shows up just fine, but the width of the box extends way off to the right of the screen and overflows past the nice 1px black vertical border of the white space. The margins of the three subtitles is perfectly fine in Opera.


Again, I'll see what I can do as far as screen shots. I haven't looked at your code yet, and I haven't surfed into the site at all... just looking at the first page.


I'll update if I figure more stuff out!


:) Jennifer


OK, here's some links to my "screenshots"





hope those help. sorry they're not better looking. I just grabbed my digital camera since it's laying right here and took a lot less time to figure out than the "real" way of doing a screenshot.


Man, my husband is soooo helpful! he taught me the right way to do screenshots on a mac! Go Dave. I'll have those up in a jiffy!

Edited by davejenbarnes
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Thanks for the screen shots. This is my first attempt using CSS to control page content. The content to the right of the nav bar which is displaying correctly is in a table set to a width of 100% which on those browsers seem to be ignoring the 153px left nav bar.


Any ideas how to correct it? I'm a novice when it comes to CSS and layout.


Thanks for any ideas that you can provide. :lol:

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Good job Bruce.


Wow, Jennifer if you are not careful you may end up the 'Browser Babe' :lol:

I do have quite a collection of browsers (to my husband's dismay--he says pick one and stick to it) but of course, they're all on a mac and they're all the "newest ones" since I just started my collection...


As far as the 153 px left nav bar versus the 100%... I'll mess with your codes tomorrow (Tuesday--my day off) and see what I can come up with. I think some of it may have to do with using a table within the CSS layout div class="body" stuff... I'll get back with ya after doing some manipulation and viewing with opera and safari.





:goof: Jennifer


I don't mind being a browser babe...

Thumbs Up

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Jennifer, I've been playing with the "width" on the tables. In fact I've removed them from these three pages. Would you be so kind as to look at them with Opera and Safari? :)






I ran them through the validator at WDC and W3C and it didn't complain that the "width" was removed from the



I've looked at them with NS6, IE6 and Firebird and they weren't any different than before. Wondering it it will make a difference with the two you did screen captures with.


Thanks again! :D

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Bruce... fixed opera! Safari is just messed up. I don't know what it's doing wrong in making the page! Hmm... I wish I was more an expert in this stuff. Safari is frustrating me! Aaargh. :lol: ...and my husband thinks Safari is the best browser out there... well, I don't anymore. Here's a screenshot. I'll reply with one more. I say... don't worry about it. I mean, how many people out there really view it with Safari and complain about the extra margin? (just me, right?!) hehe... here's that screenshot. This one's full screen.


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Thank you for checking, if you have anymore ideas pass them along. :)


I played with several different formats today and if I get the layout to work in one browser it screws up in another. If the majority of the browsers work by getting rid of the "width" of 100% on the table I will just leave it at that for the time being.


Well, I'm off to fix all the pages, once again! :D

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