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Can you beat this?


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I happened to stumble onto this forum last night as my Host's site had an error and got a "suspended" page.

Found the game y'all are talking about @ This site


...and I beat the "Pearls" #1 game! :D


I couldn't snag a screen because the Flash continued to run as soon as I gave the guy one pearl left to choose (he says "BAH", grunts, and turns around walking back into the darkness from which he came; then it takes you back to the site's index) :blink:


If ya don't believe me still, I'll provide the answer...but maybe you'll try again now that ya know it's possible :whip:

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Okay, I've became addicted, who can beat this game:



I want to see a screenshot if you can, I think it's impossible :dance:



Basically the goal is to make him have to pick the last pearl. you can pick as many as you want in one row.

I beat it ... can't give a screen shot though, because all he does is walk away. I can tell you how to beat it urself though ...



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I should've known when I read the rules of Pearls that I wouldn't be good at it. :) I stink at strategy games. I dated someone for over 2 years who loved Othello. In all that time I think I only won once (and I'm 99% sure he let me win).


My husband's a huge Magic, the Gathering fan. I stink at that too. :) Give me Euchre or Cribbage anytime. hehe

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