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Can my 3 days of hell end here tonight?


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I have done everything in ASP and .net etc.. MS only. I am so happy with my host of 3 years. I have been looking for a topsites script and there are no good ones written in asp or .net. So I have had to go with a php/mysql one. I set it up easily at a fre host so I figured that I should get a host. I have been looking for 3 days and have talked to a few that would answer my emails. I have never imagined in my worst nightmare this was going to be such a task to get a good host.

It means enough to me that I have gotten answers here that Im going to sign up now. Your plans are so affordable, Im just going to get my domain thru here too.

Thank You for the help everyone and welcome. You just sold an account :)


Thank You again everyone

Augie J

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it's a great service plan, cheap and reliable!!!


the only thing I can say in a negative tone is that it's like the hotel california...you can check in but you can never leave!!!!!!



I been trying to end my service for almost 2 weeks and can't get anyone to even reply to me!!!!!!!


Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!! Mad!!!


I have sent in 2 help tickets

and sent 3 PMs and still no answers.


get me outta here......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All is well and my problem has been solved..... Thumbs Up


Always remember......


Communication can solve 99.99% of ALL problems...... :hug:



I'll be back when I need hosting in the future..... Rock Sign



TaTa for now.... :dance: :dance: :dance:

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Rock Sign :) oH YEA.


26 hours from sign up domain was working and sites up. World record. My site was also set up at blazing speed :D Thanks again everyone, I am very very extremly pleased with this awesome hosting company. The site is very fast too. Returing some lightning fast page returns Thumbs Up


bow2.gif Rock Sign

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