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WWW.planscalendar.com is a site that makes available a great calendar program using CSS. Simple to use and not hard to make personal. Worth a look. If you want to see it being used, visit my sons Boy Scout troop website at www.troop312.com/cal/plans.cgi. OF COURSE, hosted through TCH. Where else but the best!



Edit TCH-Rob: Just moving to a better forum :dance:

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Nice calendar...surfing around the site I found an error on the Links page...overlapping text and non clickable hyperlinks...


just thought you might want to pass this along to the web guy or is that you?

Doug :dance:

Yep, it's me. I'm a novice but learning. I'll check on that link.

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P.S. I've also added Plans to the list of 3rd Party apps on the TCH Help Web Site.

Check it out!



You might want to CORRECT the info you posted. You tell people it's a "PHOTO POSTING PROGRAM". It's a calendar program. Thought you might want to know the error.

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