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New Google Question About Listings.

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I have a Friend Of A Friend (FOAF) that has a martial arts school in the Cincinnatti area. The site is masterfrydefense.com and is totally not optimized. I've suggested some things I've learned to help them out but they aren't implemented yet.


Anyway, I've been watching Google for them and they just popped up at #75 which isn't bad for an untouched (SEO wise) site. I went to google and searched on "+masterfrydefense.+com" and found only links to themselves.


Now, finally they say, is my question. My web design site at jimscomputing.com is established and in the system, so to speak, with a 4/10 pagerank and at the bottom I've had a link to the other site for a couple of months. I went to google and looked at a cached version of my page and it has the link in it. The question is why does it not show up when I search for "+masterfrydefense.+com"?


Sorry to be long winded but every time I think I have it figured out something like this happens to show I know nothing about it! <sigh>

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It looks like the site in question has not been indexed (crawled, but not indexed). Until it is formally indexed the number of backlinks will not be 'viewed' with any accuracy.


It is also worth noting that Google’s Toolbar and, more specifically, PageRank and backlink information represents ‘crude’ data. Meaning that this information is a general representation of Google’s data, not a direct revealing of the actual, up-to-date records.

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