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Commitment Required?


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Hello, all. The horror stories I could tell you about my previous hosting experiences. Having gone through that stuff, TCH sounds terrific! Though I must admit, the pessimist in me says 'If it sounds too good to be true...' But that's for another day, and another post.


My question: Are long-term commitments required of any of the plans? Must I commit for six months, a year, etc? And can I pay on a month-per-month basis, and do so without having to pay extra, or otherwise be penalized? Thanks a mil.


I think I'll be joining the family soon! :)

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Welcome Deke!

I know what you mean by too good to be true.

I wondered that a year ago after my previous host, and I am still here Thumbs Up

And do not plan to leave (they are stuck with me :) )


Truthfully, this place is better than what you see at first glance.

Take the time to read way back through this forum and you will see that we really are like family here, willing to help each other. And the fact that there is a forum for two way communication between customers and host should show you that Bill is open and honest and rightfully proud of this place and his family.


As Bill said,

Even if you sign up for the yearly service, you can cancel at any time and request a pro-rated refund.


Its hard to beat that!

I'm glad you will be joining us soon, if you need anything just ask, as you will be family too Thumbs Up

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So many responses, in such a timely fashion! Awesome. Thanks, gang. And a response from the Head Guru himself. I am impressed. Well, that seals it: I'm hitching my web wagon to TCH! Rock Sign


Don, I appreciate the offer for help should I need it -- I just may take you guys up on that!


On my way to open my account! Thumbs Up

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There are no long term contracts period.


Even if you sign up for the yearly service, you can cancel at any time and request a pro-rated refund.

I'm a little confused about this. In your TOS it states:


This Agreement shall be for an "Initial Term" as chosen by you in the Order Form located on this Site at the time you register for the Services.


If you terminate your receipt of the Services prior to the end of the Initial Term or the Renewal Term, whichever is then applicable, (a) TotalChoice Hosting will not refund to you any fees paid in advance of such termination and (B) you shall be required to pay 100% of TotalChoice Hosting's standard monthly charge for each month remaining in the term, unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement.


The only case the TOS states a refund would be given, other than a cancellation within the first 30 days, is if TCH is the one who cancels the service.


A nitpick, I know, but a concern because what the TOS says, and the staff says don't seem to match.



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