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Setting Up A Cgi Scripting Calendar


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I admit TOTAL ignorance. Maybe I'm in over my head. On my site, I've been using calendars that I set up with HTML. I just found a super FREE program available at www.planscalendar.com. It always alot that I've been wanting, but didn't know how to get.


My problem, HOW to set it up. I've downloaded it, then opened and uploaded it to my site via FTP. I use FRONTPAGE normally to maintain my site, so doing an FTP was a learning experience. I put the upload where my site info was when I uploaded. Don't know if that was correct or not.


I'm Totally lost now. Looked at their "simple" directions and it's greek to me.


Any one that might offer some help, it would be appreciated, plus I want to learn.


Thanks. woooot

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First be sure your are uploading to a folder in the public_html folder on your site.

I followed their instructions at


I unzipped to a folder on my computer and renamed the plans_5.0 folder it created to cal.

then with my ftp program running, one window in the public_html folder and the other showing the unzipped folder now called cal, I dragged the folder named cal to the public_html folder on my site and when it was done,

changed the permissions as per thei instuctions


and it works



be sure to to goto calendar setting>edit password.

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in your ftp program

click on the file and right click and look for permissions

not sure what ftp you are using, check the help link for your program.

then follow their settings


plans.cgi to 755 or as they say

2. Set permissions

You will need to adjust the permissions of plans.cgi, so the server recognizes it as an executable file. The .xml files may also need permissions set so the script can modify them.


The process for doing this can be different for each server, but in general, the permissions should be set as follows:


The .cgi file owner group public

rwx r-x r-x

The .xml files owner group public

rw- rw- rw-

All other files owner group public

rw- r-- r--

(rwx = read, write, execute)

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Don, one error in my email to you was that it is a capital C on Calendar, but I get an error message now. www.troop312.com/Calendar/plans.cgi. Happy to provide you with passwords if that will help. But I do want to learn from all this. Already have learned about FTP some and setting permissions. This is good.


Also, the FTP program I have is SmartFTP.

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Have TRIPLE checked these permissions and that is correct numbers. Plus I looked at the "R-W-X" to confirm with the "plans" configuration. All agree. Did NOT change the configuration on the calendar folder itself.


I have uploaded the .exe file that the was given me to upload in "asci" mode. is this correct? Put this file inside the "Calendar" file.

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