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hi i am installing postNuke and i have to create a new database for that postNuke. so i created a database named phoenix but its giving me this error when i try to continue installing. anyone know it.? :


No database made.Error connecting to db

Program: /home/sodbayar/public_html/postnuke/install/db.php - Line N.: 45

Database: Phoenix

Error (1044) : Access denied for user: 'sodbayar@localhost' to database 'Phoenix'




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hi, the previous problem solved gladly. but now this one <_<

i am trying to install phpnuke but i am having a problem with it. i uploaded the files to the directory i want and when i go to that directory it should load like the install pages or something like that and it's not loading that. anyone know what i should do?

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another user indicated that rather than using 777 for your permission for your phpnuke directory, you might try 755 - as some servers don't like/support 777 permission.


another thought is to check some out some of the phpnuke support sites and documentation.


Here's a link of various phpnuke web sites with documentation:



And here's one that I looked at specifically:



Good luck!


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