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External Links In Awstats


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While reviewing a concrete specialty manufacturer's website AwStats, under the external links section, I found that a totally non-related site has had 76 links to us this month. When I click the link it takes me to a page that has no links on it. [Link removed]


Should I block or restrict this site? If so, how do I do it?

Why would we have incoming links from such a site and more importantly, would they hurt any ranking we have for concrete/manufacturing?


Thanks for any info here!



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We have addressed this same issue recently: Problems With Backlinks, mystery site linking back to me


As you can see from that post there is some confusion to 'referring sites'. It should be a site that actually has a link on that page to your site. This could consist of a direct link or hot link to content (e.g. image). From what you and others are saying, they do not 'see' such a link.


A thought: have you checked your 404 errors? If the domains correspond, this could explain what you are seeing.


... would they hurt any ranking we have for concrete/manufacturing?



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Thanks. That thread was what I needed. Thumbs Up


Jim Sewell summed up what we think is happening.

Guys, for what it's worth I also have a report that seems to be links from other sites that certainly don't link to me. In other threads here it has been the consensus that these log entries are caused by a browser picking up a page a visitor is looking at when they type in your address and calling it a referer [sic].


We had a good chuckle in the office knowing that someone is watching I AM A SPAMMER and switching to Lambert's site whenever someone comes into the room! With 76 visits this month, the person has been quite busy! woooot



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