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Help Setting Up Dreamweaver Mx


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I was wondering if anyone else uses Dreamweaver MX to publish their web site. I seem to be having some problems. The settings are as follows:

Access: FTP

FTP Host: basilweb.net (my domain)

Host directory: public_html/

Login: the supplied login that came with the email

Password: the supplied password that came with my email


I hit the "Test" button, and Dreamweaver tells me that "Dreamweaver connected to my host server successfully."


When I try to "put" my files there using the "put" button, or by using the "connect" button, it looks as though it connects, but then it says "waiting for server" and times out after a couple minutes telling me that I lost my connection.


Any clues or hints?




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Thanks Don! I'll be sure to check the DW section out. I looked and looked, but could not find anything dealing with DW, except that others were apparently using it.


For the future, I would like to implement a BB on my site, as well as an automated email account setup that family members would be able to visit the website, and create their own email account under my domain. That way I am not viewing their passwords, etc.


Any places to start looking? I guess I would be called a novice at this, although I have set up many simple websites. Nothing too elaborate.


Thanks again for your prompt reply.



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Welcome to the forum, rockyrock. :)


While I am not using Dreamweaver, I think the steps that Don refers to in the 3rd post in this thread are still valid, so please check them out.


Also, I have removed your other post in the Dreamweaver forum as Dons link covers it as well.

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