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.ws Domain Transfer


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I tried to transfer my other domain so I have both domains here!

However, when I go and click on the Transfer button here, I don't get the option to choose a .ws domain


How can I transfer the domain?


I want to be able to manage both domains from here as that domain will just forward to the new domain I just purchased here anyway...maybe one day I'll do a hosting package for that one too but not now.

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The registry that controlls the .ws domains will not allow transfers. This is from their website;


Can I transfer my domain to another registrar?


No. Due to contractual agreements with our registrars it's not currently possible to transfer an existing .WS domain between registrars. Your .WS domain must be administered through the registrar used to originally register the domain.

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OK then...hmm thinking work around...hmmm

I know I can go in and edit the settings...point .ws domain to my new url here for the website (root to root and not sub domain)...


I'm definetly on Brain Delay today...haven't gone into my domain settings yet over there so.... Any ideas on how I can still use that domain name for Email as I really want to cancel that domain's hosting with the current company.


I really only want that domain name for Email purposes (family and a few friends)

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