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What Is A Good Web Based Email Program?

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I am trying to offer free web based email from my web site. I want to do this with the same style as yahoo mail in which member can sign up for membership and receive a free email account.


I was wondering what software is available so that I can just install this onto a dedicated server. I have looked at hivemail but I am not ready to commit $160 for its license. Is there anything that you know is proven, either for license or for free?


I need to have administrative abilities to edit accounts (disk size, attachment size).




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Hi crossma,


Have you tryed BigMailBox.com?


1. APPLY for service by selecting the APPLICATION link from the menu on the left.


2. Upon submission of your application, you'll receive an email auto-response that verifies that we have received your application.


3. You'll receive CONFIRMATION and setup instructions by email (usually within 3 business days).


4. Use your assigned username and password to enter your admin panel. CONFIGURE the look of your site using our easy-to-follow setup templates.


5. Edit your mail exchange (MX) record to point to our mail receive machines as instructed.


...AND THAT'S IT! Your private-label webmail service can be up and running in just minutes.



DEMO: Click Here to review the current options available in the Admin Panel.


And you can see what the members will see: What Users See



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