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Problem Installing Forums?


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I have a reseller site and one of the people I'm hosting sent me an email:


When I tried to install my phpBB forums ( which should be here according to the panel http://redajah.org/forums ) I get a "page not found"  Any idea what might be up?


Does anyone have any helpful hints before I try figuring out what's up? I've never used the control panel's installation scripts before.


Thanks for any advice.

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Rob, I'm still looking for PHP-Nuke :rolleyes:



if I follow the link and remove the s on forums

I get redirected to



but with the message

The requested URL /forum/install/install.php was not found on this server.

so there is something at


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Don, I see what you mean. She gave me access to her control panel and the problem is, well, very strange:


It is actually installed at redajah.org/forum/. All the files exist there, including index.php. However, when you type in the URL, you get redirected to a page that doesn't exist. Why would it be doing that?? There's no other index.xxx in that folder, just the index.php of the phpBB forum.

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