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Divs And Tables

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I'm still trying to understand divs as opposed to tables. If I want to separate the page into 2 columns, is there a way to do it with divs?


It seems thus far that divs only make horizontal divisions. True?


Also, do browsers get confused when tables are inside divs? What about with divs inside tables?


I made a template strictly with Tables... now I want to divide it up into 4 sections (header, left content, right menu bar, footer) and use PHP includes to make it all come together as one.


It seems easy to make the header, body, and footer. Should I create a table with two columns for the body, then do php includes in the tables?


I'm sure some of these questions are rudementary. I appreciate your time spent.

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Yes the glish.com/css is the best,

and may be what you are looking for,

and the tutorial links are great too.


Including glassdog.com

they have a whole site full of info on many aspects of web design Thumbs Up

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